How to Lose Lower Belly Fat Rapidly Without Any Pills

lower belly fatHello and welcome to my website. If you visited this website then good chances are you are already having lower belly fat and looking for how to lose lower belly fat. I know you have already tested out all those pills, gadgets, creams etc available in the market but still you can’t able to find your magic solution.

In this website I am going to remain honest with you and I will going to show you foods and exercises that you can use to lose or eliminate lower belly fat that we women are so prone to. If you stay with my guidelines then I am sure you will also get results in just 30 days.

You may be thinking “Who Am I? And Why Should I Listen To You?”

My Story:

I am Beth Hill and I am living with my husband in Tucson, AZ. I always having weight problem since my grade school. I clearly weighted more than my peers. I decided to lose weight in college when I came across a lady who was selling hormone HCG. I tried it for two months and although I lost 20 pounds but it was my worst experience in my life. I was not feeling great in my body.

After completing my graduation, I moved back to my hometown where I meet with Joe and we decided to get married. Our married life was full of joy and happiness until Wednesday morning when my husband got rejection letter from insurance company on account of my weight. At that time, we are sad but we didn’t lose hope and this was actually turning point in our life. We decided to change as I was 232 pounds at that time.

As anyone with computer would have done, I start searching online about how to lose lower belly fat and make several discoveries for diet and exercise. As you can see weight problems are in my genes but still I don’t gave up and create strategic plan to lose lower belly fat.

After following my strategic plan I able to lose 18 pounds in one month only and now I am fit and healthy.

If you are also overweight and think you can’t able to lose lower belly fat then let me tell you that there are many individuals who able to lose lower belly fat despite of having worst genes.

I know you already tried lots of pills, gadgets, diets, exercises but still you are not able to lose lower belly fat. However, I want you to give a try to my plan for 1-2 months and I am sure you will get results. I have created this plan after deep researching on women body and it will switch on your fat burning modules. That is why I called it Fat Burning Switch.

Why Fat Burning Switch Is Different From All Those Online Weight Loss Plans?

Fat Burning Switch is created for women only because I feel women body is complete different from male body. Male visitors can also benefit from this program but it will help women to greater extend.

This Fat Burning Switch will convert your body from fat-storing mode to Fat-burning mode. Let me explain in detail…

Male and Women body contains two types of receptors. These are alpha-receptors and beta-receptors.

Alpha-Receptors are bad for the body as they are fat storing receptors. When they are active, body stores fat instead of burning it. However, Beta-receptors are fat burning and they boost metabolism, shut off appetite, control insulin level and control level of estrogen.

However, the problem is women body contains 9 times more alpha receptors as compare to beta receptors that is why women body is prone to store fat.

However, the diet and exercise plan I am going to share with you will shut off alpha receptors and switch on beta receptors. Therefore, your body will burn fat from lower belly region instead of storing it.

What Is The Solution To Lose Lower Belly Fat?

Beside proper fat loss diet and targeted exercises there are few things that you can do to lose lower belly fat.

Load Up Antioxidants:

antioxidantsMany fitness experts who write about how to lose lower belly fat recommend vegetables and fruits because they contain essential nutrients. However, most fitness experts don’t know that vegetables and fruits are great resource of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are necessary for the human body because they fight against free radicals in the body. These antioxidants also repair the damage that are done by free radicals and provide protection layer to cells.

Later in this website, I will show you list of super foods that you can add in any fat loss diet.

Improve Liver Health:

Liver is the most important organ of the body and some experts called it as most important fat-burning organ. Therefore, it is important to add foods in your diet that put less pressure on your liver.

Foods we eat contain toxics in them that put pressure on liver. When your liver has less pressure then you will feel more energy and less disease.

Promote Healthy Metabolism:

Estrogen is the fat storing hormone and when it is in higher amount then it become difficult for metabolism to burn fat in the body. This is the reason you should try your best to limit the usage of foods that are high in estrogen such as tofu, soy etc. If it is possible then avoid canned and frozen foods as much as possible.

Eating Cruciferous Vegetables are one of the great ways to remove excess Estrogen from the body. I have revealed some great Cruciferous veggies in the list of super foods below.

Become More Alkaline:

The problem is our western diet is that it full of foods that are acid forming. Additionally, it is shocking that most protein foods are acid forming foods. However, you can’t avoid protein foods because they are necessary for building and maintaining muscles.

However, you have to find a way to offset the effect of acid forming foods with alkaline forming foods without losing out essential nutrients from your diet. Simply don’t replace meat (acid forming food) with vegetable (alkaline forming food) instead add alkaline food instead of foods that have zero nutrition value such as packet snacks, cookies, cakes etc

Super-Foods that Burn Lower Belly Fat:

The most effective way to fight against lower belly fat is having a healthy diet with proper foods along with lifestyle free from stress and targeted workouts.

The list of foods that I am going to share will not only help in burning fat from lower belly region but also helps in protecting your body from other diseases and illness.

  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Fiber
  • Fish Oil
  • Lemons
  • Ginger
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Spinach
  • Whey Protein
  • Water

12 Week Protocol To Lose Lower Belly Fat:

weightloss plansIn this how to lose lower belly fat guide, I am going to show you 12 week protocol that will help you in losing lower belly fat quickly. I divided this 12 week protocol into three different days that you have to follow every week. These three days are Detox Days, Burn Days and Splurge Days.

Week 1 – In the first week, there are six Detox days because the sole reason for this day is to prepare your body for fat burning. The last day of the week is Splurge day. The Splurge day on day 7 will balance Leptin and thyroid hormones in your body and burn fat. There is no fasting in this week.

Weeks 2,4,6,8 and 10 – From the 2nd week you will get Burn Weeks at every alternate week. In these weeks, you will get 6 Burn Days followed by Splurge Day. In these weeks, you have to fast for whole day as well. It is best to fast on day 1 and day 5 of the week. If you are not fasting then perform exercising moves.

Weeks 3,5,7,9,11 – In these weeks you have to repeat Detox days but only for 3 days a week alternate with Burn days. Fasting and exercising is completely optional in these weeks.

Week 12 – In the final week, you have two options either you can follow Detox days or Burn days. Additionally, you can also combine these two days together alternatively one after other. In this week, you have to fast on day 1 and day 5.

[Note] – If you want to get best results then I recommend you to combine this 12 Week Protocol with exercises that I revealed below in this page.

Detox Days:

As name suggest, the main goal of these detox days is to provide good amount of energy and prepare your body for weight loss. You have to eat six to seven meals through the day.

Meal 1Lemonade Smoothie OR Fruity Power Shake OR Water/Plain Coffee With No Milk (Only in Fasting)
Meal 2Quinoa Berry Breakfast OR Whole-Wheat Toast With Egg Whites OR Oats and Vanilla Whey Protein
Meal 3White low-fat fish or Large Salad with Vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
Meal 4Strawberry Smoothie OR Sweet Potato and LEEK Soup
Meal 5Chicken breast, lemon juice, steamed vegetables and herbs
Meal 6BioTrust Protein Bar OR Protein Cookie OR One Scoop of Whey Protein in Water
Meal 7Coffee with 2 tablespoon of milk OR 2 tablespoon of cream

Burn Days:

On these days, you can eat your meals in any order. However, it is important to have meals around your resistance training session that is before and after the workout for optimal results. These are best days to perform your resistance training.

Meal 1Quinoa Berry Breakfast OR Eggs With Avocado OR Water/Plain Coffee (On Fasting Only)
Meal 2Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Strawberries OR 1/2 Portion Yogurt, Blueberries and 4 walnuts
Meal 3Grilled Chicken Breast With Mixed Salad OR Chicken Patties and Sweet Potato
Meal 4Protein Bar OR Protein Cookie OR Protein Shake with 15 almonds
Meal 5Chicken breast, lemon juice, steamed vegetables and herbs
Meal 6Baked fish with lemon juice OR White Egg Omelet with chicken OR Fry Beef With 2 tablespoon Coconut Oil
Meal 72 squares Dark Chocolates OR 1 glass of red wine OR 2 tablespoon of milk in coffee

Splurge Days:

On splurge days, you have to eat three proteins and vegetables meals and in the rest of two meals you can eat anything. That’s right!! On splurge day you can satisfy your cravings for delicious foods. You get enough fats from your desired meals.

In Splurge Days, I recommend you to arrange some time for resistance training or high intensity interval training. Make sure you arrange this workout session before having your desired meal. This is because fats you will get from these foods will use in building muscles.

Why Splurge Days Are Important?

delicious foodSplurge days are important because we all have cravings for a big cheesy pizza or strawberry cheesecake or jumbo ice-cream. If you think you can lose lower belly fat by completing avoiding them then you simply putting yourself to the failure.

It is important to satisfy cravings for your favorite foods after long week of natural and raw foods. Just keep in mind, Splurge days are important and you can’t achieve success without avoiding them.

However, there are few points that you have to remember:

#1 – You can have your splurge meal anytime of the day – either it is in morning, afternoon, dinner or after evening tea. However, don’t go overboard because you will get more days like these to eat.

#2 – Don’t keep your desired food for the next day. It is important to keep your house clean from ‘splurge’ foods

#3 – Enjoy ‘splurge’ meal with your friends so they will praise for your new body

Example (you can put anything you like in Splurge meal 1 and Splurge meal 2)

Meal 13 Egg Whites scrambled with garlic and cayenne OR Egg White Omelet
Meal 2Tuna Salad OR Low Cottage Cheese with Carrots and Green Bean
Splurge meal 1Whatever You Desire – Don’t Go Over Limit
Meal 4Lean Beef with steamed vegetables OR Whey Protein Shake
Splurge meal 2Whatever You Desire – Don’t Go Over Limit

12 Week Protocol Diet Summary:

It is important to print out these meal choices so you will have idea what you have to eat in these 12 weeks. This 12-Week protocol diet plan work for me and it work for many of my friends as well. It is very simple and you don’t have to cut off your favorite foods permanently.


So, if you are looking for how to lose lower belly fat then you have to include super foods that I mentioned above. These super foods not only help you to lose lower belly fat but also help in protecting your body from numerous other illness and diseases.

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